Friday, 11 September 2015

New Crave Sneak Peek!!

The book I started two years ago - that I have put down and picked up again so many times  its NOT funny - is almost finished. To celebrate I thought I'd share another sneak peek for you to tide you over until I announce Crave's release date (hint: it will be within the next 6 weeks but shhh)

Sneak Peek!!! (Note: Unedited and Subject to Change)

“Since we’re at the ball game. I have just one question for you.” Her voice is laced with heat as I feel her breath fan across my lips with every word spoken. “You talk a good game Mr Alexander, but is your playbook just as impressive?” she whispers in my ear. My half-mast cock jumps to a rock hard salute and I know she feels it because she leans her hips in flush against mine and lifts herself higher to plant an open mouthed kiss on the corner of my corner of my lips. I growl in response and snake an arm around her waist, wrapping the fingers of my other hand around her ponytail. I gently pull her head back and slam my mouth down hard against hers. She gasps in shock and parts her lips. I take, and plunder, dive my tongue deep inside her mouth, exploring and tasting and fuck if she doesn’t taste just as good as I knew she would.

I slow down, my hand loosening in her hair as I gently end the kiss. Running my lips over her jaw, I work my way down to her neck. “There are moves in my repertoire that you could only dream of,” I murmur hoarsely, raking my teeth against her soft skin. “I’ll have you begging me to stop and crying out for more in the same breath.”


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